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Programming the remote control
If the pilot  Came Space  is used to open the gate housing estates and do not have access to radio - programming can be difficult! It often happens that the radio is protected by an access code. Without knowing the code it is not possible to program the remote control.
Method 1 (cloning)
This method is very simple, but it needs to have the old working remote. Program the new remote control should be at a distance of 2-3 meters from the gate. The procedure is as follows:
The receiver provides RE431SP
Press and hold any button on the "old" remote control until the LED turns off (about 20 seconds).|Within the next 25 seconds, press 2 times with a 1-second interval of any of the "new" remote control. Finished!
The receiver provides RE432SP
Press and hold for approx. 15 seconds a button pre-programmed remote control. Within no more than 3 seconds after you release the button, the "old" remote control, press and hold for approx. 15 seconds each button to be programmed (new). Finished!
Jf you have another receiver - look for instructions in the section  Downloads . 
Method 2:

In this case it must have the proper pilot. Is required while the access to the radio, which is located in the central gate control, or close to it.
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